Here we go again…….a surprise awaits.

What have I been doing lately???  A whole lotta catching up!  Why you wonder?  Well….look below.

Snapshot 2012-11-29 21-54-46

Yep…we are pregnant with baby #2 and so far it’s been a pretty bumpy ride.  The past 3 months have been a blur and my nausea was quite a bit worse this time around.  Add anemia in there and it’s a pretty rough mix.  Thank heaven for AMAZING family members who gifted me with alone time so I could rest as much as possible.  Seriously, there were days on end that I did not get out of my pajamas and barely got out of bed.  I have to say though, I am grateful for moments and times such as these because they offer reminders of how unimportant so many things in our daily lives really are.  Your health is truly everything and I am ever so blessed for my health and the health of my family.

I’m entering the 15th week now, the second trimester, and finally starting to feel like myself again….. like I can actually be out in the world and contribute to it.  (Plus, it will be nice to add some more ingredients to my diet other than bananas and bean and cheese burritos. Honestly I think I kept Taco bell in business!)  In a few short weeks we will find out if we are having another girl, or a boy….we’re very excited.  Healthy baby…that’s my Christmas wish….

I have to admit, I am very afraid to have another baby.  It’s not easy.  So tiring, so time consuming and it’s difficult for me to get excited about another little one when I’m so strongly desiring to get back to my creative pursuits and really start painting again.  It’s easier to photograph….doesn’t take the same energy from me.  But painting is really where my heart is and I long to get back there.  So….my goal is to just keep on keeping on and nurture the creative relationships that I have made through the years and to continue making new ones.  Life is a process and I’m learning how to be much more than I ever understood myself to be.  It’s going to be hard, that’s for sure, but Ravenna has enriched my life so much I can’t even think about living without her.  Once I catch up on my sleep, I’m sure I’ll feel this way about baby#2 as well. 🙂

And to friends and family who are finding out about this just now…I’m sorry.  I’ve been wanting to call or send a letter in the post, maybe with the Christmas cards, but I’m not sure I’ll even get around to doing cards this year. So this will have to suffice!  Cheers!!

Wish us blessings and winning the lottery wouldn’t be bad either!  That way we could hire a nanny!

An Expecting Beauty

 I am always so happy when I get the opportunity to photograph an expecting mother.  This woman is having her second baby and could not be more lovely!  This will be baby boy number two for their family and even though I have gone through a pregnancy myself,  it still seems so crazy and amazing that a womans body is made to do this!  What a beautiful journey we are able to experience and I am truly honored to be a woman and an artist who gets to share in these moments with other women.


a Philosophy, a little man & a little lady

These almost didn’t happen, as I thought I wasn’t going to make it back down to San Diego for a while, but somehow it all worked out and I traveled back down to southern California last weekend.  I was honored to be an assistant to a fellow photographer friend Helene Cornell and work a photo booth at the Philosophy booth at the BlogHer conference.  It was held at the San Diego Convention Center and it was AMAZING!  It was certainly eye opening to see how blogging has grown and how women have become so empowered.  I will definitely be looking into more blogs in the future.  Plus, I absolutely adore Philosophy products so it was a huge bonus to be able to work with them and pick up a little swag.  smile.  If you aren’t familiar with thier line, check them at….I can not say enough good things.

Next up I had the opportunity to photograph a family that I have come to really enjoy.  Katharine and David brought their first baby boy into the world roughly

three months ago.  They look so fantastic you would never guess they are sleep deprived!  I photographed Katharine about 9 months into the pregnancy and I am so

happy to have been able to photograph her and her family again.  I feel so lucky to have an amazing client base.

And finally, I was so happy to add one  more newborn baby shoot at the last minute.  I photographed Anna around noon and was airport bound a few hours later.  Angie

is now a proud mother of two absolutely beautiful girls.

Thank you everyone for sharing your lives and moments with me!  I am blessed because of it.

Old Friends

Getting good quality time with our friends is sometimes harder than it should be.  So when we got to spend some time with some old friends yesterday, we were so very happy!  Ravenna got to show off her new digs to one of her bestie’s Griffin.  Both of them loved romping around on the property and the ride behind the lawn mower.

And here is our new gnome that Ravenna has left on the trail

Oh the thrill of the ride ……

Thank you to our friends!  It was as lovely day.

Nicolette & Jeremy The Wedding Bowl, La Jolla, CA

What more can I say besides….BEAUTIFUL!  Nicolette and Jeremy were a blessing from start to finish.  They are an amazing couple with so much to offer to the world, I am so thankful that I had the oppportunity to photograph their wedding on April 2nd, 2011.  The guys were super easy going,

And the ladies…..well Nicolette stole the show for sure.  Such a beautiful person inside and out.

Their ceremony was a perfect slightly overcast day on the beach in La Jolla.

The wedding bowl has so much to offer and I absolutely love to shoot there….its casual but elegant and you can use the beach, the grassy areas, or

the rock wall that is close…amazing backdrops all around.  I loved what Nicolette chose to do with her attendants and their colors.

More is to come…check back soon


Enter a new day for our family!  A few months back we made the difficult decision to leave our friends and family in San Diego, CA and transplant ourselves back to the Northwest.  My husband and I are both born and raised Northwesterners.  We were welcomed here with lots of snow, the wonderous oppportunity to snowboard on Washington hills, and by some of the best rain Seattle has to offer :).  We lucked out on finding a place to live as two of my greatest artist friends have a wonderful home on 5 acres in Duvall, about a half hour out of the city, which they were going to be leaving for a while.  (Cassandria is debuting another gallery in Carmel and we wish her tons of success!!!   Check out her work at

So….we get the run of the place for a while and our whole family is loving it.  The garden is proving to be one of our favorite undertakings…..resurrecting it that is.  About 5000 sqft of it!!  Funny to think that the last place we lived was about 1100 sqft….ha!  Hopefully all will take root and provide bunches of goodies in a few months!  Ravenna, my almost 2 year old, is a big helper in the garden.