Enter a new day for our family!  A few months back we made the difficult decision to leave our friends and family in San Diego, CA and transplant ourselves back to the Northwest.  My husband and I are both born and raised Northwesterners.  We were welcomed here with lots of snow, the wonderous oppportunity to snowboard on Washington hills, and by some of the best rain Seattle has to offer :).  We lucked out on finding a place to live as two of my greatest artist friends have a wonderful home on 5 acres in Duvall, about a half hour out of the city, which they were going to be leaving for a while.  (Cassandria is debuting another gallery in Carmel and we wish her tons of success!!!   Check out her work at http://www.blackmorestudios.com.)

So….we get the run of the place for a while and our whole family is loving it.  The garden is proving to be one of our favorite undertakings…..resurrecting it that is.  About 5000 sqft of it!!  Funny to think that the last place we lived was about 1100 sqft….ha!  Hopefully all will take root and provide bunches of goodies in a few months!  Ravenna, my almost 2 year old, is a big helper in the garden.