a Philosophy, a little man & a little lady

These almost didn’t happen, as I thought I wasn’t going to make it back down to San Diego for a while, but somehow it all worked out and I traveled back down to southern California last weekend.  I was honored to be an assistant to a fellow photographer friend Helene Cornell and work a photo booth at the Philosophy booth at the BlogHer conference.  It was held at the San Diego Convention Center and it was AMAZING!  It was certainly eye opening to see how blogging has grown and how women have become so empowered.  I will definitely be looking into more blogs in the future.  Plus, I absolutely adore Philosophy products so it was a huge bonus to be able to work with them and pick up a little swag.  smile.  If you aren’t familiar with thier line, check them at http://www.Philosophy.com….I can not say enough good things.

Next up I had the opportunity to photograph a family that I have come to really enjoy.  Katharine and David brought their first baby boy into the world roughly

three months ago.  They look so fantastic you would never guess they are sleep deprived!  I photographed Katharine about 9 months into the pregnancy and I am so

happy to have been able to photograph her and her family again.  I feel so lucky to have an amazing client base.

And finally, I was so happy to add one  more newborn baby shoot at the last minute.  I photographed Anna around noon and was airport bound a few hours later.  Angie

is now a proud mother of two absolutely beautiful girls.

Thank you everyone for sharing your lives and moments with me!  I am blessed because of it.

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